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As you can see in the picture of the black sand above, the size of pebbles and sand vary greatly. Let's make sure we understand:. This makes it break into sand and rocks of small sizes. Since it is an almost instantaneous event when lava enters the sea, a black sand beach can appear overnight. It is often referred to as the Vik's beach but it is actually on the other side of the promontory. Quite a scenic combination!

This is a photo from the Dyrholaey promontory where you can also sea an arch. You can see the beutiful shapes of the beach with the sea stacks at the end. And from the sand, you can see here the basalts columns covering the foot of the cliff.

Look how dark the sand is when wet by the sea water!!! The waves are very strong and can surprise you by coming up quite high: they are called sneaker waves.


IT can be the case even if the ocean is calm see this article about some death caused by those waves. Be careful! Find out more ideas for Day Trips from Reykjavik on my dedicated article. Vik is one of the main town on the South Coast, and a frequent stop for the Iceland Guided tours. This is a long stretch of black sand with the cliff and sea stack at the West Tip.

The Best Black Sand Beaches in Costa Rica

However at high tide, the section near Vik almost disapppears. Let's see it in Photos. This first one was taken from the small church of Vik. You can see the town under, the cliff and the famous sea stacks. Jokulsarlon is one of the great stop of the Icelandic ring road. But not everyone knows, that by crossing the road, you can see a long flat black sand beach which often has icebergs on it. They have been pushed back towards the land by the tide! This place is amazing whatever the weather. You can find icebergs of many colors: white, light blue, intense blue or black.

Tourists In Grave Danger During Rock Storm At Black Sand Beach

You can see more photos of Diamond Beach on my dedicated article. Some day trips from Reykjavik go all the way to Jokulsarlon. It is a long drive but it is worth it!

Check out program and book. The Batman mountains called Vestrahorn is indeed very photogenic, especially with the small black sand dunes in the foreground. I am not sure why, but this plane wreck abandoned here on the black sand beach in Iceland is also a famous sight. In this plane from the United Navy was forced to land on a black sand beach called Solheimasandur due to icing.

The crew survived but the plane was abandoned there. You cannot reach it by car by your self. You have to walk from the main road for quite a while as it is isolated.

5 Magical Black Sand Beaches In Iceland How To Find Them

Towards the sea the sand is quite dark. In Winter, the black of the sand is quite impressive agains the white of the snow when there is snow. Below is a photo of the Vik Black Sand beach in Winter with the sea stacks in the background. Check out my complete article with detailed suggestions and tips on what to wear and pack for Iceland.

Planning a road trip around Iceland? Check out my travel guide that facilitates the planning of your itinerary:. Have you ever seen a black sand beach? Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Looking for THE black sand beach in Iceland? The entrance to the road that leads down to the beach is off Highway 1 [the Ring Road] and on top of a hill. If you reach the bottom of the hill or reach the town of Vik, you must turn around and head back. Solheimasandur Plane Wreck is an incredible sight to behold!

Amazing footage of lava creating a black sand beach

If you have always wanted to visit this unique location in Iceland, you will get to see a plane wreck on a black sand beach! A few decades ago, a plane crashed on a black sand beach in Iceland and everyone survived which makes visiting this plane crash okay. This is the only one of the many beaches in Iceland that is this unique and it is a pretty cool stop if you have time.

The hike is flat and easy but it takes quite a while to get out to the plane wreck as you will be walking on rocky black sand beach the entire time. It is probably only 10 minutes away, if not closer, and is easy to spot from the road since there are usually many cars. If you put the location in your GPS, you will easily find the parking lot so you can access this black beach in Iceland. Stokksnes is an area in east Iceland where a giant mountain meets the sea on a black sand beach.

This is truly one of the most unique black sand beaches in Iceland because of the mountain meeting the ocean and because of the tall tufts of dark green grass on top of small hills of black sand. Stokksnes is one of the best beaches in Iceland for seeing the Northern Lights because it is so dark!

Stokksnes is about 6 hours away from Reykjavik, so this black beach in Iceland is best to visit if you have a few days to spend in Iceland. It is located near the town of Hofn in the east coast of Iceland. You will have to pay Kroner to get through the gate. Located about 45 minutes away from Stokksness, suggested above, the Diamond Beach in Iceland is a sight to behold.

When the tide goes in or out, the icebergs are carried by the ocean out of the lagoon and fall on a black sand beach. The glacier pieces on the black beach in Iceland are where the name Diamond Beach lovingly came from because the clear ice looks like chunks of diamonds sitting on a pure black beach. Sometimes there are lots of huge ice chunks the size of a person and sometimes there are smaller chunks, only a foot tall!

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach | Guide to Iceland

Either way, this is truly one of the most unique beaches in Iceland and totally worth a visit! Getting To Diamond Beach: When visiting Jokulsarlon, you will be parking naer a visitor center and walking to see the lagoon. There is another parking lot there and you will park your car and walk down to the beach. You can visit the Diamond Beach in Iceland on either side of this bridge, but the right side is more popular!

Dyrholaey is a popular rock that is located on a black Iceland beach but it is no small rock. It is a massive piece of land with arches and viewpoints.