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Web applications always have a backend and a frontend. Waaaaaaaay back in the day the norm was to use backend technologies to develop both the backend .

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Their mouths opened in anguish, showing rotting fangs. I threw myself backwards in a mad panic. This was a trap! All of it! I looked towards the maiden and what I saw horrified me. She was the worst of them all once the facade had fallen, spell broken. She was a rotting carcass, her skin grey and decaying, broken by maggots that had stripped the flesh to the bone. Her mouth agape, no longer singing but screaming…. Animals of all sorts were now emerging from the bushes, completely enraptured by the spell.

Like zombies they stepped into the water, their eyes never leaving the maiden. Violently, they were dragged into the depths of the lake. The army of monstrosities tearing the poor things apart. Claws ripping apart flesh and fur.

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Teeth sinking into helpless throats. The blood of the deer, squirrels and foxes tainting the pure lake, the horror living on as the animals thrashed, calling and squealing as they were literally torn apart alive, the fear glinting in their eyes as the witchcraft fractured all too late. Everything just a blur of red and silver; screaming bodies thrashing, drowning, dying in front of me. The silence before the storm now long gone as I found myself caught in its craze, the rain crashing down so loud, so brutal- this was the epicentre.

This was what lurked at the heart of the storm…. Suddenly I remembered Dipper and my eyes darted franticly. Momentary relief flooding through my veins as he was still on the grass. With eyes still glued to the woman, he carelessly casted the journal aside and started to strip, slowly pulling off his hoodie.

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He was falling for it! I needed to pull him out of the enchantment, I needed to find a way to bring his mind back into reality-. He tugged off his shirt, revealing his bare chest, his skin illuminating in the darkness. He stood up, moments away from meeting the water…. I lunged at him, pulling him onto the grass, sending us both tumbling away from the lake. I straddled him, my weight pinning him down as he squirmed underneath me. His pupils still dilated; searching for her, the maiden of the lake.

He should have snapped out of it by now, why did he-. An abrupt snarl escaped his lips, the enchantment turning him into an animal, a wild thing, making him mad with desire. His nails dug into my skin, drawing blood as he tried to get me off him.

Pembroke Sinclair: To Tame a Montana Heart by Dawn Luedecke‏

Why was their effect so strong on him? Suddenly, an outburst of shock escaped my lungs as a white-hot throbbing bloomed across my face. My hand gingerly lingered over my cheek, the initial shock subsiding as the realisation hit home… Dipper had never hit me before. As quick as lighting, he was on his feet again. My existence completely erased from his mind as he solely concentrated on her, stumbling forward, slipping in the mud, muttering something under his breath.

He was blinded by his craving for her, who was in his mind was more beautiful than I ever could be… it made my stomach twist in jealousy. It hurt to see him like this….

Gritting my teeth, I staggered into a standing position. I advanced towards him, every scrape of my bones sparking new anger, new envy, new loathing. This was going to stop. My hand clawed his shoulder as I spun him around to face me. His feral eyes darkened with insanity, his body preparing for a fight he knew he was going to win. A fight that would leave one of us dead. Preparing to end me. I growled, returning the hostility, returning the aggression- Then I did something that neither of us expected….

I felt him stiffen with shock as my lips met his. He was soft, gentle, a scared animal lost within layers of incantations created by evil. I wrapped my arms around his torso, his skin electric against mine-. His hands caressing my waist as he pulled me into him, deepening the kiss. The fire within me exploded with passion, taking over whatever sense I had. All dangers forgotten as we were lost in the heat of our bodies in union. My finger entwined into his wet, curly, locks of hair; never letting go, never stopping, never going to let him slip through my fingers like that again….

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  • We finally pulled away, our lungs screaming for oxygen. Our pants releasing wisps of steam into the atmosphere.

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    I glanced around us, noticing the stillness that had again overcome the forest, only fragmented by the rusting leaves in the wind. The rain had stopped…. He was back to his normal self, good old dipping sauce. I brought a finger to his lips, hushing him gently as my own lips went to rested on his collarbone.

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    • I looked past him, into the clearing and saw that the lake was gone… like it never existed. Just grass and undergrowth. I sighed, relieved and finally let Dipper go, laughing when I saw how ridiculous we looked. Especially not during a storm. Stan would be standing behind him, adding on that he was a young man once and knew what it was like.

      When asked if anything did happen, Dipper would give everything away with a stuttered denial and the blood rushing to his cheeks. Ford would come to the conclusion that we were into some really kinky shit, judging by the state of ourselves, and Stan would pretend to be disappointed but secretly wink at Dipper, letting him know that he was totally onboard with the whole situation…. And I would get up from where every I was sitting, walk up to Dipper as I take his hand and plant a deep sensual kiss on his throat. I grinned and turned to Dipper who had finished putting his soggy clothes back on.

      I cocked my head to one side and gave my most innocent smile.

      To Tame a Wild Heart

      And, Benedick, love on; I will requite thee, Taming my wild heart to thy loving hand. What fire is in mine ears?

      Can this be true? Contempt, farewell! No glory lives behind the back of such.