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It was sunk via a torpedo from the German Submarine U on September 29, Fosse says: 12 Jun PM Thanks so much for the listing of convoys.

List of Allied convoy codes during World War II

He spent 7 weeks at a Naval hospital in Boston, with pneumonia due to the brutal conditions on the convoys. Some ships mined and sank. Regars Eythor. QP also your wonderful web. Re: request abt. I don't have Webside or blog. New at this game. Only I-Pad. Best regards Eythor. Anonymous says: 6 Aug PM outstanding staring point for research. Hawkins Fudske, a Liberty freighter, on a convoy to Murmansk, Russia.

I believe it was convoy JW in August, Hawkins Fudske was involved? He still is living at the age of 92! Any information you can provide about his service would be greatly appreciated. A low bow from the citizens of Russia in the Arctic convoys and invaluable contribution to the fight against the common enemy called fascism. He had a remarkable career in the Royal Navy which included commanding or being closely associated with PQ3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, Robert Conway says: 22 Dec PM Sorry for a misprint - the lettering is kinda small on my phone.

My correct cell-phone number is: As an added comment to my earlier posting, if anyone wants to get a much clearer understanding of the most classified clandestine Lend-Lease program ever undertaken, then please acquire Stalin's Silver by John Beasant. The USS Sydney Sherman was carrying the other 1, tons of Saudi silver, and both ships were carrying Soviet silver and gold consignments as well. Well there's a whole lot more to the story, but I believe that I've given out enough details to clarify certain issues. Thankyou, Rob Conway. Also there is no entry to show the date of arrival.

He seems to have info about Ludvig Islin Larsen - see above. Peter Thomas says: 20 Jul AM I have a list of the merchant navy ships my father served on. How do I find out if they were in one of the arctic convoys? Many thanks Peter. About the Site. Most Popular. Soviet passenger ship Pomorie hit a mine and sank in the White Sea in northern Russia; 60 were killed, 20 survived. Crewmen of the merchant ships of this first Allied convoy to arrive in Arkhangelsk reported poor cooperation from the Soviets. No stevedores were found so the crewmen attempted to unload the cargo themselves, only to be stopped by Soviet armed guards because they did not have the proper passes to step onto the shore; the situation was only improved after the arrival of higher ranking Soviet officers later in the day.

Allied convoy PQ-1, consisted of 11 merchant ships escorted by 7 British warships, arrived in Arkhangelsk, Russia. One of the ships of Allied convoy PQ-3 struck an iceberg and another developed mechanical problems; both were turned back toward Iceland. Later in the same day, German Stuka dive bombers attacked the convoy without success; two dive bombers were lost during the mission.

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German submarine U sank British freighter Waziristan of Allied convoy PQ-7A; Waziristan was already damaged by German aircraft at the time of this attack; all 47 aboard were killed. Stafford; were killed, 2 survived , sinking Soviet trawler RT Enisej, and damaging British merchant ship Harmatris civilian convoy commodore's flagship.

Later in the day, surviving ships of PQ-8 arrived in Murmansk, Russia. British merchant ship Harmatris, the civilian convoy commodore's flagship of Allied convoy PQ-8, damaged by German submarine U on 17 Jan , arrived at Kola in northern Russia in tow by two tugs. Clarke, RN was mined off Iceland. She was under repair until Jul The 2,ton Russian passenger-cargo vessel Ijora went missing near the Kola Inlet.

German battleship Tirpitz and escorting destroyers got as close as 60 miles from Allied convoy PQ but poor weather prevented the Germans from realizing this fact. German destroyer Friedrich Ihn, however, did catch sight of old Russian coal-burning merchant ship Izhora commanded by Vasily Belov , a straggler of the convoy, and promptly sank her at hours; only 1 person survived this sinking.

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In the evening, Admiral Otto Ciliax turned his fleet back toward its home port. British anti-submarine whaler HMS Shera, escorting Allied convoy PQ, capsized possibly due to being top-heavy from heavy ice build-up and having low levels of fuel, although the weather was not particularly bad on this date; only 3 of those aboard survived the sinking. Merchant ship Sevaples fell out of Allied convoy PQ in poor weather.

Merchant ship Sevaples and Soviet anti-submarine whaler Stefa, both of which fell out of Allied convoy PQ several days prior, found each other while at sea as Sevaples was being attacked by a German aircraft; Stefa shot down the German attacker.

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Adolf Hitler ordered the German naval and air forces to focus on hitting the Allied Arctic convoys. Minesweeper HMS Sharpshooter, escorting Allied convoy QP-9, spotted German submarine U in a distance; she forced the submarine to surface by depth charges, rammed, and sank her; all 47 aboard U were killed. In the morning, German submarine U attacked Polish ship Tobruk of Allied convoy PQ with all torpedoes missing the target; the convoy escorts counterattacked with depth charges with similar dismal results.

Later in the day, German aircraft attacked the same convoy and sank British ship Empire Ranger and damaged Panamanian merchant ship Raceland which would eventually sink at hours. In the evening, German destroyers Z24, Z25, and Z26 departed Kirkenes in far northern Norway to hunt for ships of the PQ; 61 of Empire Ranger's survivors were rescued by German destroyer Z24 at hours, but many other survivors died in the freezing water.

Shortly after, Z26 sank from the heavy damage. German submarine U probably struck one of the many mines that drifted from the German defensive barrage Bantos-A in the Barents Sea on this day. German submarines U and U attacked British Induna of Allied convoy PQ at hours 41 survived the sinking, but 11 would die in the freezing water and 2 more would die in the hospital after being rescued ; U's attack failed, but U would sink Induna at hours; 38 were killed, 28 survived.

At hours, U and U also attacked the convoy, stopping US transport Effingham; 2 were killed, 41 survived some of the survivors would die of exposure before being rescued ; the transport was scuttled by U at hours. Surviving ships of Allied convoy PQ began to arrive at Murmansk, Russia after several attacks by German destroyers, submarines, and aircraft.

Allied convoy QP-9 arrived at Reykjavik, Iceland without any losses. Allied convoy PQ found itself scattered shortly after dawn after a stormy night; 16 ships decided to return to Iceland while 8 ships sailed on for Russia. On the same day, Allied convoy QP departed Murmansk, Russia; it was consisted of 16 merchant ships, escorted by 5 destroyers, 3 corvettes, 1 minesweeper, and 2 trawlers; QP was almost immediately detected by German aircraft.

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German Ju 88 aircraft attacked Allied convoy QP, damaging ship Stone Street and sinking British ship Empire Cowper 19 were killed ; a heavy snow storm prevented the Germans from launching another air attack on the Arctic convoy. German submarines attacked Allied convoy QP miles north of Norway; U sank Russian merchant ship Kiev at hours 6 were killed, 62 survived , and U sank Panamanian ship El Occidente at hours 20 were killed, 21 survived.

A German Fw Condor aircraft located Allied convoy QP at dawn; 20 Ju 88 aircraft attacked at hours, damaging the rudder of British freighter Harpalion she would be scuttled shortly after at the cost of 4 aircraft shot down. Allied convoy PQ, how down to 6 cargo ships and 2 tankers, was spotted by a German BV flying boat. Later in the day, Fw Condor aircraft relieved the BV aircraft in keeping track of this convoy. They called in several air attacks, but none of them succeeded in sinking any ships. German submarine U fired 5 torpedoes at Allied convoy PQ and made 2 hits on the civilian commodore's ship Empire Howard miles north of Norway at hours; 29 were killed, 37 survived.

Many of victims were killed by depth charges meant to hit U Captain W. Lawrence of merchant ship Briarwood took over the civilian commodore role as his predecessor E. Rees was also killed. On the same day, returning convoy QP departed Kola Inlet in northern Russia; it was consisted of 13 merchant ships and was escorted by 6 destroyers, 4 corvettes, 1 trawler, and 4 minesweepers. At hours, German destroyers Z7 Hermann Schoemann, Z24, and Z25 were sighted; the first round of the exchange of torpedoes by QP and the Allied escorts at hours all missed, but a shortly after British destroyer HMS Amazon was hit by gunfire and Russian freighter Tsiolkovsky was sunk by torpedo.

Through hours, the German destroyed attempted to close in five more times, but they were not successful; they broke off after hours to pursue HMS Edinburgh in the direction of Murmansk, Russia. Elsewhere, six German Ju 88 bombers attacked Allied convoy PQ west of Norway at hours without success, losing one aircraft in the process.

As the target surfaced, she turned out to be Polish submarine Jastrzab, which suffered serious damage and 5 killed.

The submarine was written off and scuttled shortly after the 35 survivors were taken off. Six He aircraft of German Luftwaffe unit I. At hours, another air attack came upon PQ, damaging the ship Cape Palliser while one Ju 88 aircraft was shot down; the arrival of Soviet Pe-3 aircraft drove off the rest of the German attackers. A German Fw Condor aircraft discovered Trinidad off northern Russia at hours; at hours, two BV aircraft relieved the Fw aircraft in shadowing the cruiser; at hours, a wave of aircraft attacked and damaged the cruiser.

Damaged by German aircraft two hours prior on the previous date, the abandon ship order was given by the captain of HMS Trinidad at hours; at hours, she was scuttled by a torpedo from HMS Matchless north of Russia. Allied convoy QP departed Murmansk, Russia; it was consisted of 17 merchant ships, escorted by 1 catapult aircraft merchantman, 6 destroyers, 4 trawlers, and 1 anti-aircraft vessel.