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There are places nowadays that offer hand-tool fighting classes like knife-fighting classes. While personal alarm devices won't do anything to incapacitate an attacker, they will draw attention to you and might have the attacker think twice. These devices come in the form of cell phone apps , specific hand-held button tools , bracelets , and some even disguised as lipstick.

A final non-lethal self-defense tool to consider are physical self-defense classes. While all these tools are great options for buying you some time to flea from your attacker; one area that is often overlooked is your personal fitness. While you don't need to be winning gold in the sprint, being physically fit will help you when it comes time to defend yourself. There are many self-defense classes for women that teach you how to defend yourself using your own body.

While you don't have to take a specific self-defense class, adding a new physical fitness skill to your routine such as boxing, Muay Thai, or Krav Maga are all great options that teach some form of fighting techniques that you can draw upon should you need. While everyday objects like a screwdriver, baseball bat, pen, and even your keys are decent tools to improvise with, having a dedicated tool built for the purpose of self-defense is much better option.

Taking pro-active measures to ensure you are prepared for potentially dangerous situations will give you a leg up against personal threats to your safety. When determining what your personal defense plan will be keep these tips in mind:. A good personal defense plan starts with situational awareness.

It's important to be aware so that you can avoid and prevent a situation from happening.

9 Proven Non Lethal Weapons For Insanely Strong Protection

Ensure you are paying attention to your surroundings, how people are behaving, and determine if things seem out of place. By being aware of your surroundings, you'll hopefully be able to prevent an attack from happening. Owning the tool is a step in the right direction but without the proper training and skill to properly use the tool in a self-defense situation makes it ineffective.

As mentioned, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that demonstrate different techniques for properly using many of these tools. Check them out and practice with your spouse or a friend. Just remember to use a prop in place of the real tool. If the tool you choose isn't easily accessible than it's basically useless. Find places on your body, in your hand, or in your pockets, where you can carry the tool so you can easily get to it should you need to.

9 Top Tools for Self Defense in your Home

Depending on where you decide to carry it, you should also practice drawing your tool from that location. When you click on retail links in our product reviews, we might earn an affiliate commission if you choose to buy something. Protect America SimpliSafe vs. Protect America --ADT vs. Vivint Home Security --Brinks Home vs. Protect America --SimpliSafe vs. Have you ever thought about what you will do if you found yourself in a threatening situation? These might be tough questions to answer but the reality is that being prepared with a personal defense strategy will only help you should your safety be threatened.

While my personal safety journey led me to owning and carrying a firearm as one of the means of being self-reliant it doesn't mean you have to follow the same path. Owning a firearm is personal decision that comes with responsibilities that not everyone is comfortable with. However, just because your personal preference does not include owning a firearm that doesn't mean you have to be left defenseless. There are many non-lethal options that will give you a chance to get away from a potential attacker.

I've rounded up a variety of non-lethal weapons and personal protection devices that can come in handy should you find yourself in an unfavorable situation.

Avoid Confrontation

Keep in mind that just by having one of these items on your person isn't going to be effective if you aren't training on how to use it properly to defend yourself. There are many YouTube videos that can guide you in using these items for self-defense and alternatively, some cities have classes that offer in-person training for these items. When deciding on a non-lethal tool to use ensure that it's something that you are going to be comfortable using and that you are taking the proper training on how to use that tool effectively. One of the most common tools for self-defense is pepper spray, which is a chemical inflammatory agent that irritates the nasal passages and eyes of the assailant causing difficulty breathing, burning pain, and temporary blindness for a short period of time.

There are also many different pepper spray formulas such a stream, fogger, foam, or gel. If you are concerned with any type of blowback from the wind then opt for a gel formula. Some pepper sprays have a UV marking dye that looks invisible but when under a special UV light can be seen. A golf club, say a number 4 or 5, works well. I had a perp attack me on a golf course at 6 am.

Beat him seriously, he still cannot walk correctly even to this day. I am a pounds woman he is a pounds man. But a warning, this also applies to your baseball bat too, the human skull is like an egg shell so…. Crush that skull and you may spend a lot of time behind bars. I always hit their legs and arms.

Take out their knee caps and the fight is almost all but over. Allows you to grab quickly, will be very hard to break, and allows you to determine whether you need close strikes or a bit of distance.

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You can beat something to death if you had too or just deter the initial attack without putting yourself in trouble. I use these camping and can go into Canada with no problems. I claim they help me with leverage for repairs where a breaker bar is needed.

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If they did take them, I can replace very easily with little cost!!!! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Products New to Survival? Because not every conflict calls for a lethal response. For example: Does a pickpocket deserve a bullet in the head? Sometimes a non lethal weapon is the right answer. And the best ones can stop an intruder in their tracks. And a replacement ink cartridge is also a welcome addition.

ViperTek Heavy Duty Stun Gun Stun guns are becoming popular non lethal weapons for those who opt not to carry firearms. Plus, it has extra design features such as snatch prevention.

This pepper causes intense dry heaves, blinding headaches, and some near-stroke symptoms. Only drawback? Do you take a flashlight or a baseball bat? Cold Steel Baseball Bat Of course, a good old baseball bat is a shockingly good non lethal weapon! The other side holds a saw blade for large wood and other materials. Imagine trying to fight with that blowing in your ear!

HP68 Grimburg Less Lethal Projectiles for Self Defense

Jason K. Do you know where the closest nuclear bunker is from your home? Click on the image above to find out where you need to take shelter.