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Each half features small steering thrusters and a parafoil, to help guide and slow its descent. SpaceX wants Mr. Steven to snag falling fairing halves before they hit the seawater, which is extremely corrosive.

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But successful catches may not be necessary for fairing reuse; shortly after a December SpaceX launch, Musk said the company might dry out the dunked fairing halves and use them again anyway. But it appears that Mr. Steven is about to get some more serious action. Wait for it…".

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Demo-1, which will launch no earlier than late February, is an uncrewed mission to the orbiting lab. If everything goes well, the capsule will tote its first passengers to the ISS in June. Meticulously-researched, Tougias and O'Leary take you where few historians dare, into the dark sea with an American family floundering to stay alive and onto the steel planked deck of the U-boat Commander who put them there.


The United Fruit Company's ship Heredia. The mastermind behind the U-boat offensive was Admiral Karl Donitz, who struggled to make the Fuhrer understand the importance of striking first. Hitler had faith in ground campaigns and viewed the Navy as a primarily defensive force. Did they know how close they were to decimating US-British supply lines in ?

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Meanwhile, German sailors gladly tolerated horrible conditions aboard U-boats rather than suffering on the Eastern Front, working and living cheek-by-jowl with 50 men and the stench of insufficient sanitary facilities, rotting food and little fresh air for weeks or months at a time. At least they had great success and camaradarie that came from picking off defenseless ships, one after the other.

Using the U-boat captains' own words from their War Diaries, So Close to Home follows the paths of two succesful predators in the waters off Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico, including the mouth of the Mississippi River.

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As ruthless as the U-boats were, the book also discusses the unusual circumstances and actions taken when the same U-boat captains who terrorized shipping in U. When the first torpedo hit the merchant ship Heredia , Captain Erwin Colburn likely reacted with horror and disbelief: it was the last night of the voyage, and they were steaming toward the Ship Shoal Buoy off the southern tip of Louisiana.

The ship was to touch the dock in New Orleans in fewer than eight hours. Alongside Colburn on the bridge was Second Mate Roy Sorli, a year-old Norwegian sailor also from the Boston area who looked to the captain for his next order: change course to evade additional torpedoes?

Assist the few passengers into lifeboats?

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Colburn undoubtedly bellowed into the communications tube orders for an S. As the two officers assessed the damage with reports from the engine room, the ship slowed abruptly, seeming to pull backward as water poured in the gaping hole the torpedo created.

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Sailors scrambled out of their bunks, tumbling into the passageways. Outside, a bright searchlight snapped on, bathing one side of the crippled ship in a blinding light. Suddenly, a second explosion rocked the ship sideways, knocking the men off balance.