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I feel like this is that dead pool moment where dead pool is telling High Moon about how he got 15 million hits the weekend his game announced, and it cuts to him at a computer refreshing, counting. Certainly not! Evil just wishes not to be disqualified for rigging the vote!

Right, Kaz? I feel dem feels, man. I had a sad. Her words are so hopelessly self-reassuring and transparent. Cue the drunken hilarity to make us feel better somehow!

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Loser perhaps? Either way, there are some seriously smart individuals in this fanbase who could make a lot of money in the programming industry. Perhaps they already are. The client side javascript is just laying it out, from what I can see. Good on him still, though.

Power Rangers' Liana Ramirez Talks Beast Morphers' Roxy, Second Chances, and Teases What's To Come

Either one would have to find a kink in this wordpress site to inject some code that will spit out a list of files and their contents to your server or email. The awesome part is all the little easter eggs and stuff that was used to throw people off like the custom page or the unnecessary junk in the json file. Your browser has all the information needed to produce the comic, except for the key to decrypt the first and subsequent blocks.

So, yeah, you get an extra block of content maybe a bit early. Oddly enough, the same thought ran through my head. I think Kaz pulled a Hitchcock! Damn, even you are not in the mood to show some love for yourself-you are the portrait of the self hating lizard that will die alone and unloved in a bar. Yes, look at that naked cat: she must be the most daring creature you ever crossed paths with, she must be the master of her own fate, oh yes, that cat must rule her own destiny with naked drunkenness and live a fulfilling life, having legions of lovers that worship her waiting for her in every city she visit.

She must have the most fucking amazing life ever. Trust me, like, i would never ever lie to you.

Get that cat, you will fulfill the emptiness of your life with that wondrous naked drunk feline. And it is better than crying yourself to sleep — alone- again…. The suspense is killing me! And so Katia once again pits Atrylfags vs Katia lovers… who will win? Who will fall? Will we ever see Queen Chrysalis saucy pinups with Katia and Quilweave? Yeah, reward us with porn! Wait, what?! Or something like that…. Where that mouth has been?

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Well, in my mu…actually, no. This is so evil, like giving you a little bit of tax decrease for voting a dictator. And if he wins, he dances on the ruined losers and sings a drinking song with all his minions.

Hey Kaz, do you need a disciple? I mean just damn. Thats not even fair. Of all the things I was expecting out of this comic, the last thing I was expecting was confirmation that Quill is in Lesbians but not with Katia. In the event she was attracted to said friend, that would explain her moping in a bar.

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She thought it was just a friendship, friend went a bit too fast, and things were just too awkward to stick around. Still surprised that Kaz had Quill say anything about it. I would have figured he would have played it as ambiguous as possible just to mess with the fans. Go to your corner. You know which one. I have to, otherwise you wont learn that there are conseqenses for your actions. Im not happy about it. I just wish you would do better.

I wish you would be more constructive with your time. I wish I knew how to reach you! Each of the fake commands represent annoying command tendencies. Not that that will stop anyone. In the actual game, QW does take regular trips to visit a lady friend in Chorrol once a month. Which is a 36 hour trip. Spends the whole day with her. And then they sleep together in her bed for the night before heading back to Anvil the next morning.

Just… wow. I found the red pixel! I think it does nothing. It… glows mainly. Regardless, at this rate, we might be able to see the end of this update. Faith must be kept for the followers of the Kaz. Also, multiple emails is a disgraceful way of forcing it. We might be villains in this case, but I respect you for not wanting to follow that path. Honor among baddies is the way I see it.

You people are all a bunch of gullible stupid fucks… Bunch of censored Katia tits and you eat it all up, desperate idiots…. Heh, Elsweyr. Not a single one.

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Oh, that gaydar is amazing. To make it into an actual ability. And awesome panel work. This whole page has been great.