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Web applications always have a backend and a frontend. Waaaaaaaay back in the day the norm was to use backend technologies to develop both the backend .

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An Altar could be a part of a building or a room. For instance the church serves as an Altar where Christians meet and fellowship with God. It comes with a specific time at which you seek the face of God through worship, praises, thanksgiving and prayer. It is better early in the morning when there would little or no disturbance from any quarters. The essence is to hear and talk to God; it ensures a direct link with God. Lk It comes with a specific time of meeting. It serves as a unified place of worship for Christians or individuals coming together to pour out their hearts to God.

Heb 10; Corporate Altar- The coming together of Individuals from different denomination or churches to pray, worship and render praises unto God. Altar is a thing of heart. I Peter ; Ps For you to get closer to God and have an intimate relationship with Him; to know and understand Him better, then you need to build a befitting place of worship House of grace needs to be put into proper shape for God by contributing your own quota to Church building through cash, kind and prayers.

And you could also build one in your heart and home now! Summer Sermon Series. Weekly Sermon Collections. Online Sermon Editor. An Altar is intended to be a place of true worship for God; a aplace where communication ensued between a Christian and his creator, God. View all Sermons.

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And, thank you in advance! Your feedback means the world to me. Please keep your comments coming. However, because there are so many Presence seekers in this community and only one of me, I am not always able to respond to each one. I do read them all and pray for you, though! So, thank you for participating in this community!

Thank you for a wonderful site and blog! God is using you in a profound way! It is a spirit filled atmosphere when I give my praise, prayers and petitions there. The Lord had been leading me to consecrate a special place to pray, once I did, my worship, reading of the Word and prayer experience has not been the same. My husband and I have received many blessings and answered prayers petitioned in this place.

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We experience His presence in our spirit. The first day that I set up my altar I prayed and blessed it, consecrating it to the Lord. I contacted the company and requested to speak with the financial manager to see if I could make some arrangements for repayment aside from the credit collection agency.

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She was not in and I left a message for her and said that I would call the next day. Well the third day I called and asked for her and she said yes she received my message, however the financial committee met the day before and decided that because of the age of my account, they decided to write off the debt and I did not owe anything!!! They would also send the info to the collections agency to cease contact!

Praise God! I know that it was because of obedience and prayer placed on my altar that this swift and complete answer came forth! I encourage everyone to set aside a special altar only onto God and He will meet you there!!! All I can say is Wow! God is so amazing and He blows my mind daily. Thank you for sharing that! So today during my quite time, I felt like God said, make an altar to me in your home where my spirit can live in your home and abide with you. I thought. I must be crazy! I must be hearing from the devil. I found this post. Made me feel so much better and at ease.

I knew an altar was biblical, but the idea of an altar just kinda scared me a little until I read this. I pray you continue your work as a domestic missionary, and it grows and thrives for the Lord. Peace unto you.

We have truly amazing God! Yes, God does answers Prayers, its either be Yes, for it is the perfect time! Thank you Father God! I was seeking information on building alter and came this site. I am dedicating an alter to the Lord in my home.. I watched a growing retreat center struggle with this kind of space issue.

People need a place set apart for prayer. I determined to make such a prayer room in our home. The opposition to the idea was a sign to me of how important it was. Even when the room was turned into an office, a dining room, a guest room, or used for some other purpose, it remained the prayer room as well. All of our children gathered there to pray with us while they were growing up.

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I have that special sense of peace when I enter the room, the knowledge that God will meet me there as He has time and again. While I pray in every other room in the house and in other sacred places — memorable prayers and answers to prayer have dotted this patch of land dedicated to Christ the King — the prayer room remains a sanctuary and everyone knows God is waiting somewhere to speak to him or her because a room in our home was set aside for that primary purpose.

Really great post thank you. I have a chair in our bedroom I used to use, but then it got covered in clothes, then I decided to recover it….

Build an Altar at Bethel

Eventually I got a friend to help me unpick the old cover as a template and cut out the new material. I then put it on the chair and pinned and partly tacked it… It has been in that state now over a year….. Hi Chantal! You made me laugh about the chair.

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Been there, done that for sure! Holy Spirit, help! I can also testify to the importance of an altar in the home. When I moved into my home the Holy Spirit kept whispering that I should set up an altar and as I dilly-dallied, I happened to go to a store to buy furniture and found 2 women talking about a family altar and I knew it was an emergency. I set it up where I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me and lo and behold I discovered something in that place of my house that saved my life.

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Had I not set up the altar there I would have missed it. I therefore encourage everyone to set up a space in their home for God. Wow, great testimony. I agree! Having an altar makes all the difference in the world for me personally. And how cool is that that you just happened to hear someone talking about it at the store! Sounds like a God-appointment for sure. Have a wonderful day!

Bethel: The Place of an Altar

Learning from the Best. Making my altar as we speak. In His service, SunShine,? While I realize we can pray anywhere, amazing things happen when we make time, and space to spend with Him. This needs to be taught more. Good stuff. Bill, I completely agree… A dedicated time and space for the Lord is so essential. I can tell a huge difference between when I pray in my altar vs when I pray in my bedroom or another room, even.

God honors places… Land is important to God. This is what I have been looking for. And you too. I believe you will really be able to notice the difference when you get alone with God in that altar!

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