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Web applications always have a backend and a frontend. Waaaaaaaay back in the day the norm was to use backend technologies to develop both the backend .

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Dive into our picks for stellar shark stories that your kids will fall for hook, line, and sinker.

Massive shark captured jumping out of water just behind oblivious surfer

Add to Bag. Little Shark: Finger Puppet Book , by ImageBooks Prepare for a terrifyingly cute baby attack when you read this finger-puppet book to your tiniest shark lovers. Wee ones can swim along with the little shark finger puppet—a plush character permanently attached to the book and visible on every page. Kids will love the colorful pictures and simple rhymes accompanying this little shark and his soft, not-so-scary pearly whites.

Ages 0—3. The dark? A bear? A squid?

How to tell what kind of FIN that is!?

No way! But there is one tiny thing sharks are afraid of in this silly picture book by Bob Shea. A creepy, crawly spider! It just might also give kids a boost of confidence to know that such a fearsome beast could be frightened by something so small. Ages 3—5. Sharks are scary. Ages 4—7. In following her passion for learning about sharks, she managed to do both, teaching the world about these beautiful and majestic animals, earning several college degrees, and making countless shark-related discoveries in the process.

Ages 4—8. On one occasion, Scheider complained in front of extras that Szwarc was wasting time with technical issues and the extras while ignoring the principal actors. A meeting was called with the two, David Brown and Verna Fields, in which Scheider and Szwarc were encouraged to settle their differences. The discussion became heated and a physical fight broke out, which Brown and Fields broke up. In a letter to Szwarc, Scheider wrote that "working with Jeannot Szwarc is knowing he will never say he is sorry or ever admitting he overlooked something.

Well, enough of that shit for me! You have been consulted and your suggestions made part of my scenes many times, whenever they did not contradict the overall concept of the picture. If you have to be offended, I deplore it, for no offense was meant.

Fast Facts about Hammerhead Sharks

At this point in the game, your feelings or my feelings are immaterial and irrelevant, the picture is all that matters. Sincerely, Jeannot [36]. Many extras were recruited from Gulf Breeze High School. Williams says that it was assumed by everyone that "the music would come back also and be part of the cast He compares this to "the great tradition" for repeating musical themes in Hollywood serials such as Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger.

In addition to the familiar themes, Szwarc says Williams also composed a "youthful counterpoint to the shark that is always around when the kids are sailing or going out to sea.

  • Max and Moe.
  • At The Worlds End;
  • Massive shark captured jumping out of water just behind oblivious surfer;

It was very inventive". Szwarc said that the sequel's music should be "more complex because it was a more complex film". Williams says that this score is broader, allowing him to make more use of the orchestra, and use longer notes, and "fill the space" created by the director.

Williams used a larger ensemble than for the first film, and "the orchestral palette may have been broader or had longer notes". Delays in shooting meant that Williams was forced to start working on the score before the film was completed. Szwarc discussed the film with the composer, showing him edited sequences and storyboards. The director praises Williams in being able to work under such difficult conditions. Critics have praised Williams' score, comparing it favorably to the original. Williams "uses a few basic elements of the original—the obligatory shark motif, for one—and takes the music off in some new and interesting directions.

Williams pulls out all the stops to make it as exciting and hair raising as possible. According to the liner notes on the soundtrack album, Williams' "sense of the dramatic, coupled with his exquisite musical taste and knowledge of the orchestra definitely stamp this score as truly one of his best. In , Intrada Records issued a two-disc edition with Williams' complete score in chronological order on the first disc and the original soundtrack album on the second. Jaws 2 inspired much more merchandising and sponsors than the first film.

Products included sets of trading cards from Topps and Baker's bread, paper cups from Coca-Cola , beach towels, a souvenir program, shark tooth necklaces, coloring and activity books, and a model kit of Brody's truck. The film, throughout the years, has received mixed reviews, though it is widely regarded as the best of the Jaws sequels. Against Spielberg's original, "it is an inferior sequel to a classic", but comparison with the subsequent films Jaws 3-D and Jaws: The Revenge shows Szwarc's film to be "a decent sequel, and one produced before the franchise hit troubled waters.

Among contemporary reviews, Roger Ebert described the film as "pure trash. It simply drones on and on, like a television movie.

  1. How to tell what kind of FIN that is!?!
  2. The Mammoth Book of Modern Battles (Mammoth Books).
  3. The Initiate: Some Impressions of a Great Soul.
  4. Casey Stoner: Victory Lap!
  5. Someone also made a mistake in showing us so much of the mechanical shark so early in the film. Even worse, since the events of the first film are acknowledged in this one, the refusal of the mayor and council to act on Brody's warning a second time round makes them appear idiotic to a degree that effectively sabotages any halfway serious dramatic interest. By crosscutting among the teenagers, Scheider, and the officials' efforts to rescue them, Szwarc works up enough suspense to keep the adrenaline going. He would have preferred the shark to have been seen less, positing "producers and audiences alike seem to have forgotten that the greatest suspense derives from the unseen and the unknown, and that the imagination is capable of conceiving far worse than the materialization of a mere mechanical monster.

    For one thing, he allows us close and disarming close-ups of the shark almost immediately You just know how everyone is going to react — from the stars to the director, and even the mechanical shark. Although many critics identify some flaws, often comparing Szwarc negatively to Spielberg, they say that "this sequel does have some redeeming qualities going for it that make it a good movie in its own right".

    The film's tagline, "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Kuehn, who developed the first film's trailer, is credited with coining the phrase.

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    The film received a DVD release on May 22, Actor Keith Gordon reminisces in a short feature, and Szwarc explains the phonetic problem with its original French title, Les Dents de la mer 2 , as it sounded like it ended with the expletive merde mer deux. This was combated by using the suffix Part 2. The disc also contains a variety of deleted scenes.

    These scenes show the animosity between Brody and his wife's boss, Len Peterson Joseph Mascolo , Brody explaining to Ellen that he is not about to take any chances letting Mike go sailing, saying that the "smell of death" is the same in Amity as it is in New York, and the selectmen voting to fire Brody; the Mayor Murray Hamilton is the only person to vote to save him.

    These scenes were cut because they were slowing the film's pace.

    Shark Pictures The Great White

    The scene was cut because of the struggle with the ratings board to acquire a PG certificate. Although the audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Brown Richard D. Carl Gottlieb Howard Sackler. Dube as Mr. Posner Jerry M. John Williams. Film portal United States portal Horror fiction portal Sharks portal.

    Jaws 2 - Wikipedia

    British Board of Film Classification. June 28, Retrieved June 7, The Numbers. Retrieved September 24, Turner Classic Movies. Retrieved December 11, Entertainment Weekly.