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She then passes these message outlines to teams of volunteer helpers who prepare drama, memory verses and object lesson for each Sunday note 5. Great teachers get the children involved in the stories through interactive questions. As with any great lesson, preparation makes the difference between a dry, boring lesson and one that has a lasting impact. The goal is to have the children return with a new commitment to serve Jesus.

Yet, the goal is the same: envision the children becoming ministers of the gospel—disciples who make disciples—rather than simply recipients of knowledge. I first understood that Jesus was alive when I was ten years old in a fifth grade Sunday school class. The church I was attending seemed more concerned about rituals, reciting prayers, kneeling, standing, and other postures. It all seemed confusing to my young mind. Yet this particular Sunday School teacher clearly taught that Jesus Christ was alive and wanted to have a personal relationship with each of us.

He challenged us with the idea that we could talk to Jesus in the here and now and that Jesus wanted to become a personal friend to those who called on him. Of course, an important part of this is gathering with other adults and children in a larger gathering. My own church, for example, includes the children with the adults in the main worship service for the singing. I often see some children in the larger gathering dancing at the side of their parents, swaying to an inner beat and perhaps dreaming of the day that they would be up front as part of the worship team.

I rejoice at their spontaneity and freedom in Jesus as the worship songs are played.

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There is something powerful about a larger group gathering that inspires people to seek after God. The larger gathering gives those present the opportunity to be inspired by the awesome majesty of God. Worship in the larger group can help the children become stronger disciples as they get to know God and experience him with others. I appreciated hearing one worship leader tell the congregation to soak in the presence of God and not to worry about singing the words, posturing in a certain way, or impressing someone nearby.

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They are the future. They need to be encouraged to press on, and this is where the lead pastor and team play a critical role in the larger gathering. Wise cell church pastors use the preaching, the announcements, testimonies and other means to remind leaders of their eternal rewards, the great things God is doing, and the need for persistence.

So when it comes to casting the cell vision, the lead pastor has an excellent opportunity during the larger gathering to proclaim to all those congregants that formation of disciples is not just for adults. Everyone needs to be involved.

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Eighty-five percent of conversion experiences occur to people between the ages of four and fourteen. This means that if we are going to make disciples of all nations, we need to start with the conversion of children. His book is called The 4—14 Window: Raising Up a New Generation to Transform the World, and it explains why the evangelism of children should garner both our attention and resources. I remember during a larger gathering at my childhood church, I heard a speaker talk about asking Jesus into your heart.

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He showed how this worked via a short film. I was probably ten years old at the time.

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Evangelizing children is not only about conversion but also teaching them to evangelize. Sunday school and discipleship equipping chapter 7 are great places to do this. Children make friends easily and can naturally invite their friends to Christian activities—and often their parents will come as well. Children, like adults, can exercise their spiritual muscles by evangelizing others, inviting them to both cell and celebration. At the age of six, Luis was forced to live on the streets in Salvador, Brazil. His father kicked him out of the house and forced him to make it on his own.

At times his abusive father would force his brother, sister, and mother to live on the streets as well.

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Luis sold peanuts at a nearby gas station and asked for money from people parking their cars at an adjacent restaurant—with the promise to watch their cars while they were eating. He felt welcomed.

Organic Discipleship - Annotated Bibliography

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