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Kimmie turned over a new leaf, was kind to everyone and paid for whatever he took. And all lived happily ever after. How can an infinite number of hops never get the rabbit beyond 2 miles? Why do some infinite sums add up to a finite number and others do not?

I liked going 2 lefts and 3 rights and all the other combinations through the forest. The story was fun to read and it was also fun to look at the pictures. There was lots of math we had to figure out, like how many gold bars each kid got.

EduFable 1.2

I really wanted the kids to win enough gold to go to college. I loved playing the Quami forest Game against my brother, Andy. I even brought EduFables to school.

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Miss Nihill, my second grade teacher at the Oakdale Elementary School, asked me to read one of the fables to the class. After I read the Hunky Dory story, the whole class clapped loudly because they liked it so much!! But my favorite story was about Willie Orbit and Yul Neverwin because it was so interesting and so surprising. Actually, I loved all the stories and the color cartoons on the cover.

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Excerpts of Comments from Mrs. You rock.

It's Hunky Dory in the Magic Quami Forest

You are an awesome drawer. I am thankful you signed our book. I never had a book signed! Thank you for coming.

EduFable 1.4

You were the best reader in history! I really liked the story and the joke you shared. I thank you for reading EduFables, Volume I. It is a fantastic and awesome book.

Your story was grate. I love the book. It rocked and you rock! You are good at righting a book.

hippity hop hop hop to the barber shop edufables book 1 Manual

You are amazing. Thank you for teaching us how to measure Hanky and Panky's mouths. I had a great time. And my favorite story is 'Willie Orbit'. I learned that a quarter equals 25 cents and the earth is round like a quarter and 25, miles around," sincerely, Darren. I had a lot of fun reading your book. I learn. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Mollie Abraham has written six books including a puzzle book, a 2-book set on how to interview people and write case histories, two college mathematics texts and a biography.

She has also authored 35 technical papers and written some 1, case histories published in the trade press. Abraham is a graduate of M. She has taught technical writing at M. The course objective was to show students how to write about complex technical subjects so they can be clearly understood by the general public. At Bentley she taught mathematics and physics and served as Head of the Physics Department. Abraham has served as a book and film reviewer for the National Association of the Advancement of Science.

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