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Web applications always have a backend and a frontend. Waaaaaaaay back in the day the norm was to use backend technologies to develop both the backend .

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And there's more! Listen up for why you are having carb cravings with less light What radiation and emf exposure is doing to your weight loss efforts And how It all boils down to stress: physical, emotional, and even environmental stressors and what to do about it! Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute joins me today to discuss all things going on with his research on the effects EMF has on the body, the skin, the eyes, and in regards to children's health as well.

He is the leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health affects. He has published more than oringial artivles, reviews, book chapters ands conference reports within the field of neuroscience, dermatoscience, and health affects of electromagnetic fields Johansson was the head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit at the Institute before he recently retired and now still dives in deep to the research around EMF per his passion for understanding.

I asked Dr. Johansson a ton of questions around skin health and what we should do about the growing emf risk all around us.

Listen as he even relates to us that not only should we be concerned about 5G, but also the coming 6G and 7G already being talked about. For more information on me any my nutrition therapy services and life coaching, visit www. My top tip for how to achieve it! Hey and welcome to the Get Fit with Jodelle podcast. Many of you listening into the podcasts I upload will agree that you too are seeking how to live the most optimal life and seeking to fine the most bang out your human being buck if you will So what is the key to quality of life and living optimally long into old age?

And what does this simple topic have to do with fat loss and thyroid function and sleep too? I will be addressing these in this podcast.

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In traditional villages as families you have those unrelated to you and those related and you needed each other as each person served an intricate role in the survival and surthrival of the village. And today is no different Low dopamine and vitamin P The key to unlock our world begins with one of the 7 devices most people carry around Smartphone, tablet, computer, Xbox, even doorbells that ring to your cell phone!

Touch more, hug, kiss, hold hands. This releases oxytocin, the love and trust hormone and regulates social interaction and sexual reproduction. Oxytocin according to a study is responsible for also regulating body fat loss and inhibiting body fat gain, as well as healing any leptin resistance. Use aux port in your car instead of Bluetooth to avoid unnecessary radiation. Purchase anti-radiation earbuds Dim the lights after the sun is down and wear blue blockers.

Be intimate with your spouse? Go to bed? Ground your children And ground with them. Workout outdoors.

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Send a card instead of an email thank you. Read to your kids from a book. Worldwide online coaching available at affordable rates and times that fit your lifestyle. Online coaching and exclusive content also available at patreon.

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Follow me: getfitwithjodelle. Here is my interview with Jimmy. Be sure to check out his podcast as well, and don't forget to rate and subscribe my podcast so more people can be helped towards health. For more information visit: getfitwithjodelle. Thanks to my show sponsors! So keto worked for awhile and then you hit a plateau? Keto makes your brain feel good, but your pudge hasn't budged? Carnivore felt great but you didn't see any weight loss? And what's up with your poop on keto and carnivore diets? In this podcast I answer a lot of loaded questions about why keto and carnivore may or may not be working for some and what to do about it!

We talk about the north to south digestive process, and how low stomach acid is a pretty big problem these days.

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We will also dive into anxiety and depression too. Listen and learn with Jodelle and don't forget to leave us a review to get these podcasts up on the list on iTunes. Your support will help others find this podcast as well. To learn more about Jodelle, visit:getfitwithjodelle. Thanks to my generous show sponsor: dropanfbomb. Could Spinach be harming you? Expert Sally Norton explains! Could the so called superfoods of today actually be harming you?

Why did Paleo come about and then several years later we needed Auto Immune Paleo? Do you eat cleaner than anyone you know and yet you have more issues than anyone you know? What is the Keto Rash and why does it happen? And why aren't you seeing the results you want on a ketogenic diet. The truth is, many of today's trendy superfoods such as those killer green smoothes, and sweet potato fries could actually be slowing killing you!

And while nutrition isn't the end-all-be-all with regard to optimal health, you should know that certain foods contain toxins called oxalates that could be the reason you are suffering. I'm excited to have on the show, Sally K Norton to share with you accurate and the latest-up-to-date knowledge on all things oxalates! Sally Norton is in my opinion the leading educator in oxalates and the damage they can do. With over 35 years of Education and research, Sally holds a Bachelors in the Science in Nutrition from Cornell, a Master of Public Health from Chapel Hill, Clinical consultant on a team incorporating holistic healing into care plans for critically ill patients, a contributing author and editor, a researcher, and a Faculty member of the Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Department of Social and Behavioral Health.

So she is highly accredited to speak to us today about oxalates. And you can find out all about her awesomeness and check out her super fit physique by visiting www. She has lots of resources and food lists for her clientele to make going low-oxalate easy and delicious. To learn more about Jodelle, please visit: getfitwithjodelle. You can simply donate by visiting my homepage at getfitwithjodelle.

Thank you to my sponsor: Dropanfbomb.

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Probably one of my favorite podcasts I have uploaded thus far Certified Health Coach Nathan Walz shares his thoughts on and expertise on studying dopamine, blue light, and why food is less important than light when it comes to fat loss and weight control! Nathan has his BA in mathematics and 20 years in corporate America, where he became quite sick with low energy and brain fog, two big topics we discuss in this podcast since it plagues so many. I got my health back on track and worked on turning my confidence and self-worth around.

Thanks to my generous show sponsors! Okay, so are you ready to FAT on! Also, are you looking for someone to help guide you in finding what suits your biochemistry when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Share with a friend, because sharing is caring! Learn how to "Mito"-gate the damage that all the coming 5G and other constant EMF exposure is doing to our mitochondria. Scott Compton is the founder of EMF Warriors and joins me to discuss all things necessary to stay healthy, vital, and avoid cancer and other diseases.

We discuss the health of the eyes, what blue-light is actually beneficial, how A. Eye issues certainly have become more prevalent with the influx of blue light which is why we are wearing our blue-blockers and research shows that age-related macular degeneration AMD has been on the rise since the rise in LED light usage. Thanks to my stellar show sponsor, Dropanfbomb.

It's real food made with love packaged conveniently for your productive lifestyle! And visit my website: getfitwithjodelle. Follow me on social media - IG: getfitwithjodelle Twitter: jodellefit And don't forget to click subscribe for more videos yet to come!!! We need every one of them we can get, but sadly our modernized world deteriorates them faster than ever. We all use devices, smartphones, laptops, and tablets, but I want to show you 16 ways you can still implement them into your life and work without sabotaging your health and the health of your mitochondria.

These tips will improve not only your overall health, but improve your circadian rhythm, mitigate oxidative stress and help you create a healthier lifestyle as a computer guru or tech lover. To learn more about my 6 week online coaching program, please visit: www. These donations and your purchases on my website help to keep this podcast going.

Thanks also to a dedicated sponsor, Dropanfbomb. Zero Carb Doc Dr. Paul Mabry talks all things meat, alcohol, addiction, insulin resistance and much more! We were having trouble hearing each others delay as well.

My apologies also to Dr.