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Web applications always have a backend and a frontend. Waaaaaaaay back in the day the norm was to use backend technologies to develop both the backend .

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In town or on vacation? When, where, how?

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You could be with them somewhere that is a special memory or place. You could do it unexpectedly at home. You could plan a surprise or make a game of it. But some good rules of thumb? Make her the priority. After all, as the saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life. When it comes to getting down on one knee, some men find it old fashioned kind of like asking for her hand from her parents. But if you decide to kneel, you should do it the right way. The custom is from days when men bent down and kissed women on the hand. If you and your partner are extroverts, you might plan something more elaborate and unique.

And of course, last but not least? What to do with that ring. Up until the proposal, you should keep it somewhere safe and hidden and nope, not the sock drawer. And how about when to hand it to her? Do not start to put it on their finger before she has answered the question, this is an exciting, but nerve wracking time. While lots of people have certain proposal expectations, make sure the one you plan is in line with your partner's wishes and personality.

What does that imply? Bottom line? Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. Lindsay Tigar. Show comments. Comments Share your opinion Your name. Nope, the Stag Party had booked about six seats in rows three and four with the four other party members being further back in the plane.

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In the airport, we had already seen them discard two large empty bottles of vodka and they were asking for beer as soon as they got on board. The four party members from the back ran to the front and the others reorganised themselves to take up the front two rows. Standard procedure I believe due to the weight distribution of the aircraft. Eventually, and reluctantly, they retreated but soon after takeoff, they retook the front row seats.

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As soon as the drinks trolley came around, they demanded twenty beers. They then changed it to ten and paid for the cans. That individual deserves a higher place on this list. One of the most popular tours in Siem Reap is a sunrise tour of Angkor Wat. One of them was the Australian in question. Everything went according to plan until am when we arrived at the entrance to Angkor Wat after buying our tickets. Here, our most excellent tour guide gave us one rule:.

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Immediately after, we briefly stood outside the entrance for photos but the Australian girl had run off into the complex on her own. By am, we all headed into the main grounds waiting for the sunrise that was expected at am.

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We were told to meet up at the front of the temple at am or we could meet at the east exit at 8am where the bus would be waiting to take us to the next site. We bumped into the Australian and told her these exact instructions but, once again, she vanished soon after am. The tour continued with the remaining nine of us. As 8am rolled around, we walked towards the east exit, no sign of the Australian.

The bus was waiting, we all filed on and we waited. Still no sign of her twenty minutes after we told her to be there so, true to his word, the bus left. The tour continued as normal for the next five hours moving between temples. By some incredibly annoying fluke, at the last temple we visited, our tour happened to run into the Australian who had caught a lift with a group of people she knew.

She wanted to get her bus journey back into the city and the guide obliged. This tour was big, our group was around 40 people and most of us had made it onto the bus for the start of the tour. We were sitting behind the two Brits in question but hopefully nobody associated us with them.

The tour guide, who was sublime, was busy preparing water bottles and other such stuff. In front of us, we could hear the two Brits complaining to each other. And so on. Eventually, the last two guests turned up, the guide pulled out his register and walked down the bus checking off names. As he got to the two Brits, this exchange occurred:.

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As soon as the checks were complete, the guide took to the microphone and told us the itinerary for the day and that we would return to the city between pm and 3pm. It seems the British guys had other plans later in the day and neglected to think about the timing of the tour. For the rest of the tour, we tried to avoid them as much as possible and hoped that nobody thought we were with them. There are, unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, a number of Brits on this list.

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  4. Most of them are clearly tourists yet we believe this entry was the co-owner of the guesthouse where we stayed in Vang Vieng, Laos. As it happens, we never actually saw the guy, we only ever heard him when we were in our room. Outside the guesthouse was a large seating area that all guests had to pass in order to reach their rooms. Literally every night of our stay, the guy sat in the seating area drunk out of his mind.

    It was never late at night either, mostly sometime between 5pm and 7pm. Since he talked so loudly to anybody that seemed to listen, we learnt an awful lot about him in the three days we were there. As it transpired, he had recently been dumped by his girlfriend, Emma. Here are just some of the gems he came out with during his drunken talks:.

    Although we assumed the Stags would be the worst passengers on this particular Vietjet Air flight, we were mistaken. Now, the unwritten rules of Assholes Abroad say the participant must be non-native. Despite the participant being Vietnamese on a Vietnamese airline flying to Vietnam, the argument began in Hong Kong airspace and her partner was British and so, she makes the list.

    Even after the two-hour flight, we have no idea exactly what she was unhappy about.

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    It was also clear that he had no interest in causing a scene on the flight so was desperately trying to ignore her in a bid to make her be quiet. The moment that really took the biscuit was when, during a moment of silence, the guy decided it was time for a break and reached for his headphones. As he put them on his head, the girl tried to snatch them from him.

    In her anger, she managed to break off one of the speakers completely ruining the headphones.

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    I should also mention that these were Bose Over-Ear headphones likely costing a few hundred pounds. These two Brits were actually the first Assholes Abroad we encountered in way back at the beginning of January on our one-way flight out of the UK. We were seated in the emergency exit row behind the central toilets. The Brits in question were seated in the row in front of said toilets.